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Why I buy eBooks whenever possible

I've recently started purchasing "eBooks" whenever possible because they are just so dang convenient.  I can easily share them between my different machines, so I no longer have to lug a bunch of heavy books back and forth between home and work.

That's an obvious benefit.

A really cool benfit, though?

If you buy from a forward-thinking publisher with great customer service, they'll do things like provide you an updated copy of the book that includes fixes and errata.  Here's an email I recently received from Manning Publications:

Dear Manning Customer,

You previously purchased the Ebook version of ASP.NET AJAX in Action from the Manning online store. Since that time the author has provided a few corrections and other errata that we have incorporated in an updated version. As a courtesy we are making the updated Ebook available to all who purchased the original. Below please find the link to download this updated version.

When's the last time a book publisher mailed you an updated version of your hard copy, just to distribute errata?

That is just so awesome, and totally unexpected.

Manning seems to be keeping up with the latest technologies, and the 3 books I have purchased from them have been worth their weight in gold.  I am a repeat customer, and if you're looking for tech books, I urge you to give them a shot.